Somebody's Darling vs Goodnight Ned - Paintball WAR Edition!

Artwork by: Madison Hunnicutt
Preview by: Mac M.

So remember how Goodnight Ned left us in the electric go kart dust at K1 Speed last month?

If not check out the video here >>

Yeah, they are feeling all kinda big and awesome since that day. Bragging to who knows what end?

It's ok! We've got something in store for them! One of our other local rockin' homies, Somebody's Darling, have a brand new album, Adult Roommates, coming + a live release show this month at Trees! They are feeling a little strong in the trigger finger too!

The best way we know to deal with "Bragright Ned" is to bring it to them Call of Duty Modern Warfare style out on the paintball field!

Sunday, August 17th at 10AM you all should come join us and watch what goes down when two bands really battle!

Fun On the Run Paintball
2621 Roberts Cut Off Rd.
Fort Worth, TX 76135
Google Maps >> https://goo.gl/maps/W0yr9

Before you come out on Sunday catch the extreme teaser video for Somebody's Darling new album, Adult Roommates, that drops September 16th!

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