Titus Andronicus bring if FREE & LOUD to Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Top Photo Courtesy of Nick Kita
Review by: Lauren Sauer

When the headlining band doesn’t come on until after eleven thirty, you know it’s going to be a great night. No sarcasm—I mean it. Titus Andronicus, the punk band that constitutes the one and only reason why I am proud to be from Jersey, made the hours in close quarters well worth the wait.

Lost Boy ?, a self-described psychedelic punk ensemble currently based in Brooklyn, kicked off the performances around eight with songs off their new EP, Wasted, released May 27th of this past year. They also have a full-length album worth a listen—jangly melodies and twitchy synth beats lend USA USA the pedigree to represent its post-grunge roots. The real question, however, is always whether or not the band in question can pull it off live: lost boy ? certainly gave a good showing, and should be on your ‘to watch’ list for the next few months. So, go do that social media thing, and check them out.

Bluesy grunge rockers Slothrust amped up the ambiance, showering the cloud of concert-goers straggling around the stage with an insane rendition of their killer single Crockpot, along with some decidedly snarky commentary, courtesy of singer and lead guitarist Leah Wellbaum. 7:30 am, a track off their second album, Of Course You Do, opened up the dance floor (read: mosh pit) for a much-welcomed reprieve from standing in place and bobbing one’s head awkwardly. In case you missed their Brooklyn showing, check out their next two tour dates—in Boston on the 17th, at TT the Bear’s, and then the 19th at the 1.21 Gigawatts Festival in New York. For further updates, take a look at some variegated media outlets.

Philadelphia trio Beach Slang followed, with songs off their inaugural EP, Who Would Want Anything So Broken?—just released this past April—and threw in some self-deprecating charm and experimental material to boot. With soft, easy vocals over decidedly heavy bass riffs and lead guitar, the most promising rookies on the block have definitely got the potential for future heft. In case you missed Beach Slang in Brooklyn last Friday, be sure to save a day in September, when they go on tour with the infamous indie rockers, Modern Baseball. That way, you can say you saw them live ‘before they were cool’, while snapping your organic gum and wearing your second-hand Chucks.

Last—but most certainly not least—Jersey-birthed punk kids and current hot topic Titus Andronicus took the stage. As every chronic concert-goer discovers eventually, there are bands that sound like a leaking garbage truck live, and there are bands that sound like a celestial chorus.

Luckily, Titus fell into the latter group—as expected, of course.

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