Evan P. Donohue at The Exit/In

Friday nights in Nashville, TN offer a buffet of options for the music lover. From rock to blues to singer-songwriter and more, crowds are drawn in to passionate performances all over town. The all black room at The Exit/In offered a 4 band show headlining Evan P. Donohue with The Weeks, What Up, English?, and The Orbit Funeral.

The doors opened an hour before the show letting in spurts of fans that grew in number and pitch. By the time the night started, you couldn't hear your own thoughts between the shouting conversations and the booming house music. Starting out the night were back to back high energy bands (What Up, English? and The Orbit Funeral) that boasted rapidly gymnastic drums matched with pulsing aggressive bass lines and killer lead vocals. With more stage time, these bands will have a shining career ahead of them. What Up, English? particularly seemed to have the crowd eating out of their hands. Their tunes were tight, upbeat, and spawned dancing and crowd engagement.

The Orbit Funeral

What Up, English?

The Weeks
The opening bands primed the crowd and ushered The Weeks onto the stage. With this changing of the guard, the crowd shifted as well - skinny jeans and Vans left and high heels, retro t-shirts and long hair colored the crowd. The Weeks stage show was packed with musical dynamics, tempos, themes, and a more mature, honest, entertaining delivery. With a varied performance, the crowd seemed to be deeply glued to the stage wondering what would come next. The Weeks were able to offer music with hook after hook making their tunes very memorable. Overall, as every band that took the stage, the songs became more diverse - lead guitarists shined on, singers were joined by harmony vocals, merchandise, and the bands knew how to put on a show!

Evan P. Donohue
With relatively quick turn arounds, Evan P. Donohue took the stage last but certainly not least! True, the crowd had thinned a bit, but for those fans that decided to stick out the night - they were in for a sure treat. With a 4-piece band, Evan's tunes were tight, and his songwriting was the most original. His melodies were unpredictable, contagious and gave room for the lyrics/songwriting to be a priority. Evan seems most himself behind the microphone - between tunes he ever so slightly lost the crowd, turning his back to the audience working through things through with the band. Even though it was the bass player's first time with the group, on mic, Evan confidently carried the performance and kept the crowd glued to him until the end.
The Weeks

Evan P. Donohue

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