No Bassist, No Folking Problem...

Fort Worth, TX is known for many things but "poppy, rootsy, rock" isn't the first thing that comes to mind unless you're familiar with local band Calhoun.
Lead singer Tim Locke fronted two other Cowntown bands, Dead City Radio & Coma Rally, in the past but seems to have found his best fit within the folk, rock and pop styles that shape Calhoun.

Last Friday the band played the annual Modern 'til Midnight event, hosted by the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, which marked the departure for bass player Nolan Thies in which the band encouraged fans to come out and "pay respects to his career cause IT. IS. OVER" as so lovingly pointed out via a facebook nugget of goodness. Fan/FB friend of the band chimed in with his own dagger of sweet sentiment to say: "It's just weird that he would leave Calhoun and move to NYC to chase his dream of being a model. I mean, he did one shoot for Jeans West in '92- big deal."
No bassist for Calhoun must not be a serious issue considering the band will play Earth Day Dallas 2012 on Saturday the 21st at the band shell in Fair Park with a 12:15pm start time.

Check out tracks from Calhoun's latest release Heavy Sugar on idol records here and catch more live shows around DFW soon.

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