RTB2 Roller Derby Star Spangled Acetate

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So when it comes to experimental folk I'm a newbie/explorer but RTB2 caught my attention right away if for no other reason then I wanted to know the story behind the name?
Ryan Thomas Becker & Grady Don Sandlin make up the duo out of Denton, TX that groove a cool guitar/drums only live set that surprisingly doesn't sound or feel empty at all minus a dedicated bass.
Nominated as one of this years "Best Local Music Acts" for D Magazine's "Best of Big D Reader's Choice Poll 2012" these guys have a great local base of people who just dig their sound. Be sure to vote daily for all the categories.
Fair Park Coliseum will get another taste of the band on May 19th when they lay some Star Spangled goodness down at the Assassination City Roller Derby halftime show.
Acetate the new album single coming from RTB2 was just teased on the bands facebook page with a 1:12 video spinning sample. Check it out at this link: RTB2 Facebook Tease

If you need a new 8 Track fix, and who doesn't, check out RTB2's The Dead Media 8 track release featuring some cool new sounds on old school media:

1976 called and wants their stuff back guys, but still cool!


  1. Thanks for the post! By the by, "acetate" is just what you're seeing/hearing in the tease vid (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acetate_disc) and is not the name of the new album.



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