Sound & Shape kinda like an east coast thing…

Soul/Punk/Rock is a nice combo. when developed by a band that actually tries to give the listener a full honest sound.  #Nashville group Sound & Shape do a good job at just that with great edge and groove plus a lot of volume live.

Expanding beyond your home base is always best practice for any band trying to grow which explains S&S’s upcoming June – East Coast Tour de Rock
Although the guys have made mention of getting a little home sick while on the road they seem to overcome the blacktop depression by literally embracing the people who come out for good times and good sounds or handshakes and hugs as mentioned by guitarist Ryan Caudle in an interview last year.
So just do it, be a hugger and go see Sound & Shape tonight at Springwater Supper Club  w/ The Flips out of Chi-town and Day of The Outlaw tonight!

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