Enjoy the 11+ Year Ride

An original product of Milwaukee, WI - Zach Broocke first made this way to Nashville in 2001 by way of Boston.
Listening to Willie, Merle, Jones and Don Williams growing up makes for a good fit as a transplant but Zach was also into the songwriter styles like Jim Croce, Harry Chapin and Cat Stevens which helps explain the Americana/Folk/Rock/Country vibe from his latest release "Enjoy the Ride - Solo Writes 2001-2012"
Chad Brown, a Nashville engineer/producer, introduced Zach to Warner Chappell songwriter Troy Johnson which started a writing partnership between them that still continues today.
In 2005 Zach left Nashville for Los Angeles and formed a new band of L.A. players which spawned the "Last Call EP" followed by live shows at various L.A. hotspots like The TroubadourThe Viper Room and The Roxy to name a few. 
Lakeshore Records released "Enjoy the Ride" May 22nd which all together was recorded across three different states -  TN, Mass and California.
Lightning 100 in Nashville featured Zach two weeks ago apart of the "Local Lightning Spotlight" and you can check out his in-studio performance here...

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