The Will Callers are Answering...

Rock, Blues, Country, Soul even Gospel are some of the genres or labels people have tried to pin on The Will Callers out of Fort Worth which doesn't seem to bother or effect the bands direction of writing and making great music no matter the style.
This band and the members have been through a lot in a very short time and without bringing up pass losses they have managed to not only remain solid but develop a lot more creative work in the process.
Their latest EP "Make It Alright" features a group of grooved out southern grit that can simply inspire exactly what the title track suggest, making it alright no matter the stress you might have been feeling.

You can catch the band at the Boiler Room in Dallas on Sat. June 9th with Lauren Kent and Blue Bear supporting that night.
We have something kinda special planned for The Will Callers next month that we will tell you a lot more about soon!

Until then check out "Make It Alright" via their bandcamp page...

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