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Parker Cason and Justin Maurer started writing what would become SYZYGY, the debut album for Colorfeels, during winter of 2008.
The two teamed up after a few studio sessions and live shows with local blues rocker Jessica Breanne and setup shop at a Berry Hill studio.
Most of 2009 was spent writing and playing their new creations for friends. It was quickly decided soon after that the duo needed a third and that notion brought in Parker's old high school friend and bassist Taylor Zachry which the three became foundation for the group. The multi-instruments that Jared Ziemba brought into the group as a new member started taking the band into a brand new direction that seemed like more than just a style.
In the fall of 2010 Parker saw the opportunity to start recording some of SYZYGY inside his old family home "Forge Seat" just outside of Nashville.
Along with the new space and studio gear came new first drummer Matt Scibilia and two engineers, Ben Klise and Andrew Darby, to record the 11 song LP.
A second drummer, live dates and a tour all throughout 2011 lead the group to write and release the single "Shapes" in early 2012.
Still touring but also taking time to make it back to Nashville for a few shows, the guys that started Colorfeels are still writing and developing the sound that has been gaining a lot of attention and fan fare over the past few years.
Take the next 40 minutes or so and be sure to watch the short film on the band titled: BE THERE: A Film About A Band Named Colorfeels (explains our blog title rip off plus it is a great short in general). Shot and edited by Will Rucker also out of Nashville.


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