Sofar Sounds Comes to Nashville


A few months back we had a chance to review the Sofar Sounds DFW show in Denton, TX which ended up being one of our favorite reviews not to mention "new favorite way to watch a show."
If you're not familiar Sofar Sounds, started March 2009 in London, England, brings together artists and bands with music fans to intimate living room settings all across the globe.
Not long after our Sofar DFW review we were asked if we'd like to help get things started in Nashville and of course we jumped at the chance!
The Nashville team quickly took shape through coordination from Sofar London, Sofar DFW and global music scout Mary Elizabeth who spearheaded the mission to launch the Nashville team.

Tons of emails, phone calls and in person meetings later a date was set for September 7th, 2012 and a terrific living room host had been found.
Fortunate for us we were able to recruit Sean Giovanni and his well known Nashville recording studio crew at The Record Shop to handle all the live audio recording.
The video side of things was quickly accepted by talented videographer and frequent Lightning 100 film & editor Natalie Ashker along with Julia Huskey.

Don't forget the bands.... and we didn't.  Blackfoot Gypsies brought "Trouble" to the house with a great stripped down resonator - kick, kick, snare kinda set that put just the right amount of roots groove in the air...

BYOB is pretty much the rule at many Sofar shows which was just fine for Courtney Jaye who opted for "Box Wine" with her ode too song about how one keeps it flowing...

"Good Medicine" was exactly what Levi Weaver was giving out with his acoustic solo showing that featured a great story-line lyric...

Finally a "Taller" Foreign Fields delivered a great four part vocal harmonic performance with three acoustics, one banjo and featuring the all important egg shaker @ the 2:00 mark...

Shhh! these shows are always kept under wrap until days before the actual date and you'll never know about the next one in Nashville or any other city unless you sign up here.
We can tell you Nashville has one coming up very soon so you better sign up fast if you'd like an invite.  Good luck, hope to see you at a Sofar Sounds show soon!

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