50 Best Reasons for No 50 Best List in 2012!

Two days ago Chris over @gorillavsbear posed the question on twitter "why do some blogs do that thing every year where they post a bunch of shitty magazines' best-of lists"?
So we thought a "50 Best Reasons for No 50 Best List in 2012" would be fitting considering it does the job just as well for end of year filler plus getting to plug a bunch of names we are probably in no way associated with most of the time!

#50: Lana Del Rey is popular - we get it, really!
#49: Albums, Songs, Movies, (So Far) - Paste, Spin, Stereogum & repeat
#48: One less bit for most radio jocks around the country
#47: Not having to say the name Japandroids out loud when I read it again
#46: Not having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page only to find there are at least 5 pages before I get to #1 Best of...
#45: Opinions are like..... yeah
#44: Could we get a reason why it's number 44?
#43: One less Nickelback joke
#42: Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet
#41: DO NOT flood my timeline with 50 different tweets about 50 Best anything!
#40: Maybe it's all High Fidelity's fault?
#39: Like Tumblr needs another list
#38: So Pitchfork can't pawn the list making responsibility off on us again next year with a pretty little infographic - People's List
#37: Have to ponder the question if the guy or girl that made this list actually listened to all the music in this list?
#36: Not being made to feel like your not cool enough to relate to this list
#35: Hipster is not a verb
#34: Is hipster really a verb?
#33: What the hell's a hipster?
#32: Hard to read on Instagram
#31: Aggregate - one word description
#30: Lists are the most recommended way to get readers for blogs
#29: So my google results aren't filled with list.ly results
#28 - #2: FILLER
#1: David Letterman cornered the market with "Top 10" years ago

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