The Year of 2013 [PREVIEW]

What's the point in writing about music if you can't help it develop and grow?
There are many local music acts worth knowing about that most local writers, bloggers and media have not heard due to a number of reasons.  The main issue being limited time and proper introduction.

Even the bands and artists well known within most communities don't have enough resources to keep all the fans and local media aware of their best happenings until time has ran out on ticket sales, deadlines or submissions.
Some of the most talented writers either started from a small DIY publication or are still writing for one today.  They deserve to be read by more local music lovers and larger publications in your area.  Popular blogs and national music press should be exposed more to your local scene and the people who create and cover it.

That's our plan, resolution if you will, for 2013.  We're going to be reaching out to local music communities in Dallas/Fort Worth and Nashville to start and expand across the SE & SW throughout the year.

Bands/Artists, tell us what new things you've got going and we'll share that with the writers, bloggers, podcasters, radio and tv folks within your community twice a month.
Once a month we are going to share some of the best music, articles and scene coverage with national music writers and popular blogs to help bring more attention to the events, promotions and coverage created locally.
This will not be a newsletter, robo-mail or any type of spam.  All the emails you receive will be hand written with the latest information that we have been sent from others within your local music community plus resources only available to the musicians, promoters, writers and others in your area.
Happy New Year guys!  Let's make 2013 a success together!

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