Air Review "Low Wishes" Release Show [REVIEW]

Leave it to the folks at Fort Worth’s Live Oak Music Hall to kick off the month right with a trio of local artists ready to get the party going with some brand spanking new music.

Not only did people come out to celebrate Air Review’s new album “Low Wishes,” but to jam out to ever-popular Dentonites Centro-matic looking to get the crowd bouncing, as well as Peter Black of The Orbans, shelling out hits from fall release “Heads Many Hands.”

Hardly is there a friendlier atmosphere out there than the one at Live Oak, where everywhere I looked moments before the show, fans were out mingling and sharing their excitement for the upcoming trio of acts. 

And neither did that excitement or anticipation need to build for long, because at the stroke of 9, the curtains were pulled aside to reveal the start of the celebration.

Peter Black has been hard at work, whether it be performing with The Orbans, a household name in the local music scene (with a new release coming this spring and an upcoming set at SXSW), or on his solo work Heads Many Hands,” (the digital release out new, physical vol. 1 & 2 coming this spring as well).

So it’s safe to say spring is the season for these rockers, and the enthusiasm showed on both band and fan ends during Black and the band’s set Friday night (made up of some familiar faces).

Even spotted among the crowd were fans migrating from the back of the room to smack dab in the front and middle of the stage, sporting some great interpretive dances to get the crowd pumping.
And thanks to the band’s infectious energy and enthusiasm, the crowd couldn’t help but feed from the 7-piece group’s seamless melodies and passionate performance, something Fort Worthians know and love with each passing show.

Up next came our quintet at Air Review, excited to show off their hard work on “Low Wishes,” which has been garnering significant attention in local homes and beyond, making them one of the fastest growing groups in the area.

This wasn’t my first go-around with Air Review and nor will it be my last. Something I see that makes the band special is its undeniable connection with its fans – every time I made a glance to the crowd I would see a sing-along spreading across the floor.

Air Review loves their fans, and their fans love them.

Friday’s performance was the group’s second in their trip around the area to promote the album. “Low Wishes” boasts a new feel from the band’s classics, with a dance feel vibing throughout each track and a bit of indie synth here and there to keep up the intrigue.

With each passing track the energy built to a culminating point near the end of the set, where Live Oak turned into more of a dance club than a lounge. I couldn’t help but join in myself.

Both bands came out into the crowd at times throughout Centro-matic’s set up next, and all around people were making sure to get their prime spot to watch the action. 

After Centro-matic’s 2011 release “Candidate Waltz,” the band hadn’t been seen in many performances in the area in order to balance families and multiple other projects, according to their Facebook page.

So when word broke that they’d be playing among the Live Oak crowd, fans were determined to get the most of the experience.

And you could tell they were excited to be there, the venue seeming like the perfect place to start off their live show comeback. I could hardly keep my spot at the front of the stage to take photos – one small move and the crowd behind me would swarm in.

That’s when you know you’ve got some star power.

So is it possible to literally burst with enthusiasm during a set? Perhaps not physically burst, at least in the medical sense, but the answer otherwise is a fierce yes.

Want some hopping guitar and bass in your listening? You got it, complete with hopping guitarist and bassist themselves.

It seemed the night would never end, but no one minded, because a trio like that would be hard to surpass.

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