Cause A Scene with Colorfeels [REVIEW]

Review/Photos by: Amber Davis

The show hosted by Cause a Scene at the Basement had three extraordinarily, beautiful, talented bands perform. Keep in mind the word beautiful, when referring to music, is pretty rare. Each band gave this Monday night a special presence - and worth going to, too. For instance, it was the night sold out performances of Local Natives and Alt- J  was in Nashville. So, it was to everyones surprise that the Basement was extremely close to being sold out as well. Each member of Casa Castile, Little Tybee and Colorfeels can play several different instruments to create a organic beautiful sound into one.

Casa Castile:
Sadly, we walked in during the middle of Casa Castile’s set. We didn’t even have a chance to snap a picture (or bring one of our DSLRs). But, that did not stop us from being transfixed by them. Their sound is a organic pop-experimental mix. The lead singer, Andrew Nabuco had a echo effect on his mic - which radiated in the limited spacing of the Basement. The drums were well-balanced through the sound system and even the trumpet was clearly heard, even though the mixing for Andrew’s laptop and keyboard was the most powerful noise.

Little Tybee:
This outlandish band is from Atlanta, GA. They took Colorfeels under their wing to do a tour together. Which we are incredibly happy for them - these two bands belong together. They had a violin, keyboard, acoustic guitar, bass player, and a 8-string guitar. The man behind the 8-string guitarist, Josh Martin, reminded us of the guitar legend Pat Metheny. He played about every single note possible - using two hands - at a unbelievable fast pace. Swaying, away from the memorizing skills from Josh - we were welcomed by the warm presence of the violin. When leader singer, Brock Scott would sing the violins high notes would compliment his voice. The drums were being played similar to a drum line style; Pat Brooks would use a (from what we could see) a jazz brush to use in a circle motion around the snare drum. Their lyrics were simply just an added bonus to Little Tybee rather than the main subject. This created the “ooos” and “ahs” more of an instrument than a filler. Don’t get us wrong, Brock Scott’s voice is majestic and the lyrics/vocals did not interrupt the melody. We are just stating the music from Little Tybee can easily stand on it’s own and be just as powerful without lyrics.

Parker Carson, singer and guitarist, announced before playing, “Ready to move your feet a bit?”

And people did. During one of their songs Parker placed his guitar closer to his head, this stood out to us the passion they have creating music. The echo effect on the mic bounced off the brick walls, created a warm sound to Justin and Parker’s vocals. Colorfeels guitar riffs are hypnotizing, allowing audiences members to close their eyes, and sway to the music that was performed in front of them. Their chemistry on stage is even more magnifying  and organically mastered. Even though the room was packed, people were just as transfixed as we were on Colorfeels. A bonus for the night was when the violinist of Little Tybee joined them onstage for their last song. When their set ended the room erupted into applause. Welcoming them back home - even just for a couple more hours till they left for Virginia.

When walking outside to the patio of the Basement, we overheard a great description of Colorfeels. “I’ve never knew a band where their name matches exactly how they sound.” 

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