The Inscape at Springwater [REVIEW]

Review/Photos by: Amber Davis

A tiny dive bar across from Centennial Park, is Springwater. What we know [about] Springwater is from The Black Keys most recent music video “Gold on the Ceiling,”  that was shot on location there. Walking in, through the back porch, the venue is thoroughly a dive bar dividing into two sections. The first section we were around was the stage. Rather small with iconic red streamers hanging from the ceiling.  Tattered diner booths and a long lounge bench flank the walls near the stage. In the other room is where the bar, darts  and a pool table crowd the room. The walls lined with several stickers from either past bands or random stickers in general.

Our first thought about Springwater was “This is going to get crowded quickly.”

The band we were there for was the opening act, The Inscape.
While the band happily jumped on stage, trying to work with the audio guy to figure out which mic worked and which one didn’t - many people started to walk in edging themselves directly to the back. We don’t blame them for standing in the back due to the high frequencies and the loud sound system projected out into the crowd.
No warning or introducion - The Inscape started. The audience was still settling with their first drink as their psychedelic 70’s rock roars through the speakers of the tiny dive bar.
Josh Condit, vocals and guitarists, had a similarity vocal sound to Jim Morrison, from the Doors. That lazy, yet gritty vocal tone that influenced generations.
Their melodies in general were tightly practiced. None of the other members had to look at each other for guidance. Typically, you can see when a drummer looks at a bass guitarists to stay on track. For The Inscape, that is a different story.
When Jesse Clardy began, he closed his eyes with a sly smile, he rocked out every note to bring us back into the 70’s rock era. The style The Inscape was capturing was clearly The Doors, a little british rock from Joy Division and the bass player played a similar style to Black Sabbath.

Stream The Inscape's latest release "No Expectations" and catch them live in Nashville soon.

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