Fancytramp September Dates + DEMOS 2013 [REVIEW]

Fancytramp just released a new mix of grunge/psych/pop-rock straight out of Battle Tapes Nashville titled DEMOS 2013.

Northern Darling opens the album with a noise pop feel that's driven by heavy riff guitar and "Olivia Fancytramp's" sweet, don't give a eff vocal attack.

Seamless transition (that feels like a musical break) directly into the second track Slugs.  Heavy groove cues up "Only I know...." opening line that builds to a power grunge chorus with manic coverage on drums. "I met a man that came to town, then his ?????? shot him down, ain't that a shame" - call us crazy but I think we hear an interesting word choice in this line. Care to comment on this lyric Fancytramp? "Neighbor"! Thanks for clarifying our deceiving ears guys!

Lighthouse is the third selection which smacks of a Debbie Harry vocal style.  Dropping into an over dramatic phaser sludge groove around the 1:15 mark with extended guitar sustains that last the duration.

Fancytramp Dates just announced:
"Hush hush, now oh my darlin" sticks out in number 4. A Thousand Souls.  Plenty of low end guitar work with well placed specs of upper neck ghostly riffs. Slow/stop effect adds a tasteful ending.

My favorite guitar riff on the record opens Fare Fumo with a smart offset twining effect. Roughly half way through we get a distorted guitar solo section followed by a group vocal trade off with the lead. "I remember the day you were born, it was the happiest day of my whole life" wraps with an ascending guitar sustain.

Heavy snare/kick brings a solid groove to the final track New Country which rounds out a busy but solid new release for Fancytramp.

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