#DOMA25 Wrap Up [REVIEW]

Review + Photos by: Taylor Prater

And we’re back! Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase 2013 returned this week and brought with it a ton of bands we all know and love from around the metroplex. I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like it was only yesterday DOMA 2012 was here.
Picking out who to see was particularly tough with certain venues this go around, but I think we seemed to manage well enough. There’s just so much local music love to give.

First up we checked out Yells at Eels, winner of the best jazz group at last year’s DOMA. Kicking off their set with some sweet improv, hoppin’ upright bass and multi-octave trumpet on top of hyperactive drums, this group got The Prophet Bar raring to go for the rest of the evening.

Can I just say it’s great to see so much love for some jazz up in here? Seriously, let’s all remember our roots, people!

Over at Trees, GoodBAMMSho loves Home By Hovercraft were holding down the fort with their well-known theatrical family jams. Walking right into the venue and hearing Seth and Shawn Magill with their respective, rounded indie vocals and tickling ivories encapsulated those entering to join the crowd up near the front of the stage.

Across the street at Three Links, Fort Worth rockers The Phuss were tearing it up. These guys won the Fort Worth Weekly award earlier this year for best hard rock band, and I’d be damned if they didn’t.

It’s refreshing to hear some solid, heavy vocals and seeing a trio of local guys shred and totally lose their minds on stage. If I can go ahead and make a big statement, I’d say I expect these guys to really make it big.

And I mean it - if you like hard rock and you haven’t checked out The Phuss, you’re doing yourself a disservice, man.

Following The Phuss, songstress Jessie Frye took the stage with her band for some good old fashioned Americana!

Just kidding. He he!

Clad in her David Bowie t-shirt, Jessie let out those power chords of hers alongside some electrifying synth pop rock. She truly commanded the stage and used every inch to her abilities to put on a solidly entertaining set, despite the disappointingly short time allotted to her.

DJ Sober was pretty much lifting up The Prophet Bar from its roots soon after and giving hip hop fans that classic DJ set everyone knows and loves. But DJ Sober is huge in the local scene, and he and everyone else knows it. I mean, if you’ve worked with A.Dd+ and The Cannabinoids, two of the biggest names in Dallas hip hop, that trifecta is enough to astound anyone.

And astound he did. There’s nothing like hearing some Biggie Smalls to hype you up.

Oak Cliff’s hip hop songwriter Dustin Cavazos held down The Door with his band and some steady-flowing, original beats and truly talented lyrics. It’s nice to witness someone flowing from their own creative mind and really incorporating yourself as a listener into his own musical world.

One of the most pleasantly surprising sets of my night was witnessing self-described “divorce pop” producer Son of Stan at work at Club Dada for what he says was his most packed show to date.

Moving between keyboards, guitar and drums, this well-rounded musician kept it fresh the whole time and really did pack Dada up to the front of the stage like sardines with his quirky yet knowingly refreshing indie pop jams.

His set was one that I saw hyped all over Twitter during the night and following the performance, so it’s safe to say he was a real standout to our beloved local show-goers.

But we at GoodBAMMSho wanna hear from you, too. Who were the standout performers of the night? Anyone we didn’t catch? Holler at us here or on Twitter and let’s chat!

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