#TakeYourPantsOff Live in Dallas w/ Parallel Play

Review & Photos by: Jaren Lorenz

Parallel Play dropped their new album ‘Take Your Pants Off’ at The Prophet Bar on Saturday and had enthusiastic partygoers eager and ready to drop their own pants in return for the high energy and good vibes that the band created.

Starting off the evening were The Single Issues singing lighter folk alternative tunes with ukuleles and quiet harmony driven songs to get the crowd relaxed and smiling at the fun.

Loyal Sally followed and started to get the crowd out of their seats and to the stage to enjoy the high-energy fun. They danced to the fusion of upbeat folk and reggae style beats and laughed at the ranting of the members between songs.

This set the stage perfectly for the main attraction; Parallel Play performing their new album in its entirety.

By the time Parallel Play was onstage sound checking and tuning their instruments the crowd had doubled in size and the anticipation was present in everyone near, all anxious to hear the band’s sophomore album.  The crowd was rewarded when Parallel Play begun the exciting opener “When the Trail Is Cold” and danced their way through “Dark Cloud Woman.” By this point, the show had taken on the vibe of just a big party with some excellent featured performers (who seemed like they were enjoying the party just as much).  From the heart-felt lyrics in “Take These Hands” to the powerful harmonies and group vocals in “She Smiles Upside Down,” Parallel Play kept the mood light-hearted and musically genuine.

Parallel Play did not simply sit in the studio and make a record; they took the time to write good, fun music and performed it at a level that made the music an undeniable testament to the talent and work that comes from the members in this band, not to mention being down right entertaining.

To a fun party and a great show: I say bravo to Parallel Play!

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