Neon Trees bring Pop Psychology to House of Blues Dallas

Review by: Mac M.
Photos by: Rhombi Survivor Photo Safaris

This past Sunday we spent the evening at the House of Blues in Dallas with some serious pop artists known to stay in heavy rotation with most top 40 stations and one band that will no doubt be doing the same soon!

Nightmare and the Cat opened up the night with a very respectable crowd that had already filled in past the main music room's side bar closest to the stage. Having just wrapped up our interview with brothers, Django and Samuel Stewart, it was cool to watch them do their thing live for the first time in our experience. >>Read the full interview here<<

Although not a long set Django and the band no doubt kept the crowd into the moment with their clever melodies and great on stage energy by the front man.
Next up brought a band we had just caught live a few weeks prior at Suburbia Music Festival, Smallpools. Maybe it's my imagination but it seems like these guys play the Dallas area more than some local bands!
I know for a fact this made the third or fourth time our photographer Eric Boff aka: Oh Jee Nam had shot them in less than two months in DFW. Great shots at that! Much respect Rhombi Survivor Photo Safaris!

Despite the frequent visits Smallpools didn't seem to mind and brought some of the best crowd interaction and without question highest quality cover song of the night which the title now slips my mind and I'll update later.
We also had music lifestyle blog Sound Conviction with us to take in the night. Big thanks to Dale for hanging out with us and catching the show!

Headliners Neon Trees took the stage after a few extra minutes of stage prep. and right away killed it with the amount of color and sonic overload! Great stage design for this tour, top notch sound and very talented musicians and singers all around.
I almost shot myself in the foot by calling out one of the members of the band, drummer Elaine Bradley, on twitter by accident. 

Innocently enough I grabbed a quick mobile phone picture of the band live and decided to post it on the GoodBAMM instagram account. I also told instagram to post to twitter. No secret that instagram and twitter don't always get along so well and I noticed my @official_neontrees (the bands instagram acct.) had been turned into @elanietrees over on my twitter post. So I didn't bother to see who the @elanietrees acct. belongs to on twitter and instead posted "Who the hell is @elainetrees #instagram? @neontrees" to which you can see Mrs. Bradley's reply below...
Yea, I'm cool like that!  At least she was able to smile and wink about it.
Wrapping up the night we caught the hits and no doubt felt the love of what must have been a sold out crowd that had us pushing back toward the back bar before leaving.

Pop fan or not it was a great live show in Dallas for a Sunday night and I would happily catch them live again!

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