Phantogram + Bad Things Light Up Nashville

Review + Photos by: Kristine Krieger

Editors Note: Kristine Krieger is our newest Nashville contributor for GoodBAMMSho. Big welcome to the crew Kristine!

Phantogram not only put on a visually stunning show last night at Marathon Music Works but they drew out an enormous crowd, packing the venue with a wide-ranging audience. So much so, that should you leave your coveted spot, you’d be lucky to even get back to it.

The opening act for Phantogram was Bad Things, largely known as “Shaun White’s band,” however, the group proved themselves as musicians as well. The crowd danced and swayed with the music regardless of having any previous knowledge of the ensemble. Their songs were catchy and eclectic which made the already energized audience primed for Phantogram to take the stage. This was Bad Things last night touring with the band and Davis LeDuke, lead singer, made it memorably so, closing out their set by jumping down from the stage and body surfing into the crowd.
There was a stirring feeling in the air as the electronic duo took the stage and the throng of people applauded. With a name like Phantogram it’s clear that visuals are important in more ways than one for the band.
We were met with a striking display of multi-colored strobes and lights, the synchronization of which coordinated with the high-energy put out by the group and illuminated the music, matching the mood of each song and putting the audience in a trance. Sarah Barthel (vocals and keyboard) and Josh Carter (vocals and guitar) provided boundless chemistry on stage.
They not only complemented one another vocally but by matching their animated presence as well. Barthel’s unique voice gives the band its original and unparalleled sound not only in recordings but live too.
Their set list ranged in the new and old, performing songs not only from their newest album, Voices, released earlier this year, but fan favorites from Eyelid Movies. Just like the band themselves the crowd was lively, dancing and singing along with a lingering buzz as the show ended.

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