Nashville + Spagna = Indie West Fest. via The Ettes

Straight up rock and roll, make no bones about it according to The Ettes when asked about their sound. It's a rockabilly sensibility that feels heavy yet right when matched with the 1950-esque style featured by front woman Coco and her dark sexy eye lined rich brunette mystique.
Jem on bass lays a nice heavy low end 1and3 with a dark leather, too cool for my school, jacket that seems to be somewhat a trademark but not as much as the throwback 80's Miami Vice/Don Johnson dark shades.
Rounding out the trio you have Poni on drums. All you can say about this girl is, damn I knew I should have been a drum tech. reason being of course is her ability to lay down a fat backbeat that rattles, plus she's hot!

Now granted Nashville is the bands adopted hometown by way of New York, LA and other non-disclosed territories which makes sense they play a local show at Mercy Lounge on June 14th [w/ Denney & the Jets] prior to their El Matadero, Día de la Música Festival 2012, Madrid SPAIN awesome rock journey on June 23rd (all kinda cool points just because).
Following their state side return, the band will jet back to the west coast for their July 27th spot at Indie West Fest in Ventura, CA this year.

 If you're waiting anxiously in Nashville, Madrid or Ventura for some loud rock goodness from this group check out the four song set they played for KEXP in Seattle last August and enjoy!

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