Modoc's Coward Passive/Aggressive Fortune & Fame

"Hard Times" seem to be the theme not to mention a track off Nashville transplant rockers Modoc's LP Fortune & Fame. Actually you might take more of an up and down feel from the album based on titles alone like "Dead in the Morning", "Penance" and "No Use".
A strong southern growl is in place without quesiton when you hear the stacked vocals throughout the production that lies somewhere between Skynard and Zeppelin with pop hooks & grittiness. This album is the follow up to their first, Passive/Aggressive, which offered a loud debut of undeniable guitar rock spawned from the early days of disturbing the peace themed band rehearsals.
You can catch Modoc live in company with Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown at 12th and Porter on June 14th around 8pm so check them out.
Director Solomon Davis worked up the music video for the bands latest single "Coward" which premiered on May 9th which you can watch via youtube below...

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