Feeback Revival TONIGHT! Come Hell or High Water...

Dan Fenton, originally from New York, started his musical adventure into rock & roll apart of a hard rock band called Education of Monkeys.
Since the days of teaching primates how to rock, Fenton journeyed down to Nashville to form the quartet Feeback Revival.
Compared to acts that range from Zeppelin to The Chili Peppers with a mix of the White Stripes and The Black Keys, Feedback Revival is without question a proud & loud rock band. Just ask Ed Hurt over at Nashville
Scene - "These guys make loud, mean rock ’n’ roll, so you might want to take them at their word."

Last week the guys were featured on the Local Lightning Spotlight with both some radio air-time and a section on Lightning 100's website.
Hell or High Water is the band's debut LP that was released in January. Thirteen tracks total with titles that conjure up visions of gritty southern angst with a fast and loud style. Not bad for a New Yorker!

Tonight is your chance to catch the Feedback boys live at Mercy Lounge w/ Blackfoot Gypsies, Hardin Draw, Long Gone Darlings and Sam Lewis.

Time to kill before the show, check out the new video for "Big Black Tooth" which was released last week, enjoy!

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