Harpin' the Old Warhorse

Denton, Texas has a music scene that's been in development long before most started paying attention.
Aside from being a known college town, you can catch everything from eclectic to contemporary sounds at spots like Rubber Gloves Rehearsal StudiosDan's Silverleaf.
Oh, there's that 4 day music fest called 35 Denton that happens in March that featured acts from Glasgow, Boise, LA & London this year.
On the local front, Denton is producing acts like Old Warhorse which is actually a combination act of other local fav. bands including...
Pinebox Serenade, the Spitfire Tumbleweeds, The Jakeys and Magnum Octopus.
Formed in January 2011 the five guys from Warhorse describe their sound as "Grizzly Adams and Jesse James chasing bourbon into the scarecrow dawn". Proof is in the vinyl and "you will understand the rust and muscle" with the release of their upcoming self titled 7", also claims the band.               No matter how you spin it, their sound is deep into blues, rock and soul with the right amount of harmonica and southern pride to keep the good ole' boys dancing a jig right along with the hipsters.
In two weeks [July 15th] you can catch Old Warhorse at previously mentioned - Dan's Silverleaf w/ folk group Hares on the Mountain.
Our favorite track from Old Warhorse is "White Lightning" and we added it below to share.

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