Kickstarting Land of the Living

Lots of bands and artists have discovered the website Kickstarter as a means to fund recording projects, semi tours etc.
Matthew Perryman Jones can be counted among the recent success campaigns by raising $26,000 in 1 month which actually exceeded his goal by 30%.
Land of the Living is Matthew's fourth album release and is being called "songs of delicate poetic craft and visceral emotion" by iTunes.
Getting his start in 1997, Matthew debuted at Eddie's Attic in Decatur, GA which isn't the worst place to cut your teeth as a songwriter considering the likes of John Mayer also spent his early career testing his sound at Eddie's.
Soon after Mr. Jones made his way to Nashville and decided to call it home. In 2000 he released "Nowhere Else But Here" with the follow-up EP "For the Road" in 2003.
His most critical love came in 2006 with the release of "Throwing Punches in the Dark" which was produced by Neilson Hubbard [Glen Phillips, Garrison Star].
Fresh off album release parties in both Birmingham and ATL, you can catch Matthew back in Nashville at The Bluebird Cafe' on post Independence day, July 5th. Then it's onto Virginia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts before his Rockwood Music Hall performance in New York City on Sept. 22nd.
Watch a live performance of "I Won't Let You Down Again" which was filmed at the Lightning 100 studios apart of their 615 Day Sessions segment back on June 14th.

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