Malefactors - Stealing the Maritime Restraint

"Guys that like to play songs about girls in dead end day jobs" is the self described direction for the three man alt. rock group out of Nashville, Anchor Thieves.
Originally Homework [name change well deserved] the bands concept of capturing the raw minimal feel of vocalist/guitarist Cayce Keller in all its home recorded glory lead the band into the full chord fat fuzz guitar riff melodies that you hear in their most recent tracks like Unusual.

Last week the guys hooked up with Scale Model and Calicocat at the Exit/In to support another local group I Believe in Hotpants which turned out to be a great show according to fan posts on the various social media pages!
The Thieves next chance to see you live will be on July 5th at The 5 Spot w/ old friends Calicocat and former We Were the States members - Echo Group.

Fresh off last week's presses we found a shakey but decent video of Anchor Thieves performance at Exit/In from their Tuesday the 5th appearance, enjoy...

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