Country meet Fuzz...

So these days it seems Nashville is less about having a musical identity crisis and more about being cool, yet still divided, as a once predominant one genre town.
Like our friends over at No Country For New Nashville describe their own efforts, the Nashville indie scene really is "an island in a sea of Country."
Blurring of the lines could help but many would just argue it's already been done or being done with folk v.s. bluegrass.

Maybe some fuzz is needed?  I doubt the guys from The Cadillac Black really had all this in mind a year ago when they decided to put the band together. They do without doubt take country in a different direction in a real sense of honest music making v.s. some of the manufactured label attempts from the past "old Nashville".
The three bros are no strangers to the biz or Music Row considering their own major label fall through and the lead vocal - guitarist Jaren Johnston's success as co-writer for Keith Urban's chart hit "You Gonna Fly".
So with a good mix of rock - country & southern folkgrass you get what The Caddy Black boys call Country Fuzz.

You can catch The Cadillac Black on July, 20th at the Preservation Pub in Knoxville w/ Roman Reese and the Cardinal Sins. They will be back in Nashville August, 17th at 12th and Porter.

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