Who Set the Fire cause the House is Groo-vin

Growing up in Tennessee you don't have to think too hard on where all the roots, soul and folk vibe came from when listening to Chastity Brown.
Now based in Minneapolis, Chastity has been touring around the twin cities area for the past two years. She will be coming to Nashville in September for a showcase at the Americana Music Festival.
Two weeks ago she was featured on NPR.org with a live performance of "After You" a current single off her latest release - Backroad Highways.
Originally what started off as a one song session with exec. producer Fred Cannon evolved into studio sessions and then turned into a record deal with C&D Music Network out of Nashville.
Paul Buono, producer who helped bring Backroad Highways to life, is described as having a "wild imagination and a great ear for song arrangement" by Brown.
This album is being called the best yet by Brown and opens up with the first track "House Been Burnin". Followed up by ten other soulful tracks that only a true southern girl could craft, there's no question Chastity feels every note and lyric.

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