"Nor the Wild Car Chase Video"

Three cousins from the Midwest at first unknowningly started the rock/indie/blues group Goodbye June in the summer of 2005.
Guitarist Tyler Baker lost his brother, PFC Shane Baker, to a tragic car accident while home on leave from the military. Both Tyler's first cousins, Brandon Qualkenbush and Landon Milbourn immediately came to support the family and mourn the loss of a close relative.
Weeks that turned into months were spent reflecting on good memories and playing music together which became a great emotional outlet for all three of the guys.
Rehearsals eventually turned into live shows that expanded across the Midwest to any spot that would have them for the night. This method of touring proved to work over the next three years in the form of more real fans showing up to support the band with each new stop. The band's name simply evolved as a way to pay tribute to the loss of a loved one and the beginning of their music.
In 2009 the guys made the official move to Nashville on the advice of "industry" friends to setup shop in the growing rock scene.
"Nor the Wild Music Flow" is their debut album released appropriately enough on June 1st of this year.
Two days later the guys uploaded the video for "Microscope" their first single off the album with enough mini movie, car chase/automatic gun fire to make most Nashville indie film makers jealous - check it out...

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