Post July 4th Fireworks Child

The early 20 something out of Denton, Texas shares her name with the four piece indie rock band she fronts.
What started with classical piano lessons at age 12 quickly made Jessie Frye realize "music is not something you do but something you are". Eleven years later in 2009 she formed the band after an invite to play an official showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX.
Earlier this year, The New York Times branded the group as a "band to watch" after catching their SXSW 2012 performance.                        Not long after, Jessie and gang were back home to play a showcase at the annual local fest. 35 DentonBanter Bistro was the location and received rave reviews by all the fans in attendance with social media outlets.
Last Friday Jessie and the band played a set at Lola's Saloon in Fort Worth with rock group Oh No Oh My out of Austin.  Because Austin is self proclaimed weird yet cool, the Jessie Frye band will return on July 5th to play Lambert's Downtown BBQ with Knifight.
Friends of the band, Giovanni Gallucci and the fine folks over at Live.Loud.Texas put together a great video from their Kessler Theater performance in Dallas. "Prepared" off the band's EP Fireworks Child is featured in the clip.
Great job to Giovanni and crew, enjoyed the performance and video!

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