D@FW Goes to Denton

Go North young men and women! This weekend's live music location of choice is Denton, Texas.
Knee jerk reaction from most when you mention Denton is UNT for good reason. It's a highly acclaimed university of academia not to mention it offers a stellar department of music for all aficionados.
As previously mentioned in past posts, the other D town has also been experiencing an ongoing evolution within the local indie music scene.
Dan's Silverleaf is without question a big part of the creative mix by bringing local, regional and national acts to town on a weekly basis.
That said, this Saturday, July 7th you can catch The Angelus | Le Leek Electrique & Clint Niosi starting at 10pm.

The Angelus are a self described Hymnal Slowcore/ Enchanted Rock / Gothspell Muthic band that have been touring regionally around Texas for well over five years.
Check out their album promo from about a year ago shot for the release of "On A Dark & Barren Land"...

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