FW@D Weekend Project Número 7

How many people do you know that will have nothing to do with country music?  Maybe that leans toward your musical taste as well?
Regardless if you like it, tolerate it or straight up hate it I'm willing to bet most music fans in general could dig some Junior Brown.
The type of country soul meets rock n' roll attitude and playing style isn't exactly your everyday variety sound you would get from a country house band around town.
Custom made double neck telecaster/steel franken-guitar screaming out rock licks along side country string bends is something of an audio spectacle to say the least!
JR. puts on a visual show worth the ticket prices too showcasing his technical abilities while donning a full custom suit with many different color options depending on the night. Plus you can't miss his signature Resistol or Stetson hat with sharp side curves literally topping off his look.

So tomorrow night, August 4th is your chance to catch Mr. Brown take the stage at Granada Theater with Michael Donner & the Southern Resistance + Ginny Mac supporting the same night. Doors are at 7pm, Junior Brown should take the stage around 10:20pm.

Dunlop TV shot an interview/mini performance with Junior back earlier this year for your viewing pleasure...

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  1. Wow! Is all I can say for the first time you see Junior Brown. I caught him at a car / rockabilly show a few years ago. Honestly at first I was thinking, who are these guys. They were a bunch of old guys all dressed to the T's… compared to the other groups anyhow. But once they start playing the joking ends and the respect begins. These guys will blow you top with a unique sound that just grabs you by the throat!

    I'm not going to be able to make this show, but I need to start following him more because I have to see more of his shows. If you like rockabilly than get out and see this guy, you will not be disappointed.


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