Omega Swan w/ "Planet Rad" Sneak Attack!

Feature/Interview by: Amber Davis

Getting dirty, smashing items, keeping the energy high and getting in the crowd’s face, Omega Swan is well known to keep rock n’ roll alive during their performances.

Omega Swan – we are just not a band, we are a band and a party,” Mark Madison, the drummer, said. “The energy at our shows is insane.”

We had the chance to sit down with the “power-trioOmega Swan – Marcus Garceau, lead singer and guitarist, Will Burgess, bass and Mark Madison, the drummer –to talk to them about their self- titled first album releasing soon. For now, Omega Swan blessed us with a sneak peek into their album with their single “Planet Rad.”

Where did you guys record at?
MG: We recorded the whole record in Nashville, a couple of studios around town [like Ocean Way Studios] mainly we did it at Redac studios. It’s a studio our engineer Edsel Holden started. He started the studio in Alabama. It’s a home studio atmosphere there is no time schedule a really mellow atmosphere. We like to support local underground.

Is this Omega Swan’s first album?
MG: It was originally going to be a 4 or 5 song EP. Then we got it up to 10 songs, so we decided to do a full length record. We are just going to press it to vinyl. So it’s going to be brand new vinyl with a digital download for about $10.

What would be the theme throughout this album?
MG: Our sound really developed in house shows, that really cramped and really rowdy energetic-electric kind of feel. That is what we are trying to capture in our record.  If you ever been to a show it’s really connecting with the audience through the music.

Can you describe your single “Planet Rad?”
MG: It’s a song that really gets the crowd going and produces big mosh pits. That energy from those shows is what we tried to capture into this single and throughout the whole album.

How long have you guys been working on this album?
MG: We started tracking in October, so about five months so far. We already have three songs online now, like “Magic Potion,” “Arrow Through my Brain,” and “Get Along.” So, the vinyl will have 10 songs on it and the digital download with have a few extra songs on it like “Get Along.”

When will the album be finished?
MG: I’m hoping for a digital release by mid-march and the vinyl release probably mid-April. Once the vinyl comes out we will do a release show.

We know Omega Swan is about Rock n’ Roll, is there any other genre influences in the album?
MG: The album touches on a lot of different aspects of music. It is a rock record. But, it touches on a bunch of different elements of rock. It touches the blues side, funk, hard rock, punk and a dream-pop type of feel on one of the songs. It’s definitely not the purest -sound of the blues. All those influences come together and they morph in their own way that is Omega.

MM: It’s not like three dudes trying to do all these genres, its three dudes putting Omega Swan’s own style on those genres.

What would you say you took away from making this album?
MG: This process has helped us for our live performances and really own our style. I know for me, I have learned a lot about producing with Edsel.

What sets Omega Swan apart from any other Nashville band?
MG: I think our performances and our fan base. Our fans are wild, we love them.

MM: Yeah, if our fans are going crazy – we are going crazy. If they are just standing there then our vibe will be the same. But, typically they are pretty crazy so it’s easy to get into that energetic vibe.

MG: I think we have the craziest fans in town. We would go to a few shows around town and there is typically a few people just standing around head banging. But, when we play shows for some reason people want to move. We do encourage that and that is what we bring to the table.

MM: We are not performing for them. We perform with the fans.

Exclusive Release for "Planet Rad" by Omega Swan.

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