"Hush Hush" [REVIEW] Kentucky Knife Fight Live Release STL

Review/Photos by: Amber Davis

We at GoodBammSho took a break from our daily lives in Nashville and traveled to St. Louis, an old city with rich underground local music scenes ranging from bluegrass to indie to punk. This night at the city's most notable venue, Off Broadway, was the record release show for Kentucky Knife Fight's third full-length, Hush Hush. In support of the release was St. Louis' own Pretty Little Empire and Louisville, Kentucky’s The Ladybirds.

Before the room reached capacity, Pretty Little Empire singer/guitarist Justin Johnson swaps out vocal duty with other band mates. Pretty Little Empire writes powerful ballads, portraying each lyric as a tucked away memory.
William Godfred, Pretty Little Empire guitarist, dropped his guitar pick on the stage as he continues jamming - ending their set in high energy.
After Pretty Little Empire walked off stage, people in the room refreshed their thirst with beers and whiskey. The Ladybirds was next.

Hailing from Louisville rises a petite woman dressed in a sequined dress. When she walked up to the stage she tells the audience, “this song is about men being dirty, dirty dogs.” Before the audience could finish their howls - she starts singing in a fast-lip 50s rock. Small dance pods around the stage formed. The energy from the crowd bounced off The Ladybirds. In the middle of their last song, the front-woman danced around the stage with her tambourine and the keyboardist started to use the heels of his feet to play.

When The Ladybirds exited it off - we were immediately pushed to the stage.

The lights turned completely off when Kentucky Knife Fight walked on stage. The lights gently rise as Jason Holler, the lead vocalist and plays the harmonica, sung “Love the Lonely.” This song is sexy. Jason’s seductive, raspy voice made the girls in the crowd swoon, scream and whistle.

Kentucky Knife Fight had several special guests that came on stage to sing and play during different songs. Such as Dots Not Feathers came on to sing, following a trumpet, saxophone, cello and a violin player. 

During the song “Misshapen Love,” Jason took out his harmonica mic to sing. This effect on the mic created a hollowed sound to Jason’s raspy voice. The audience stomped their feet to the bass of the drum making the dance floor move on it’s own. In the middle of their last song Jason raised up his hands for the audience to scream, then placed them down to silence the room. He did this several times and at different speeds leaving the audience laughing as they walked off stage.
But, the crowd wanted more. People in the front smacked their hands on stage and everyone else stomped their feet and screamed for one more song.

And they delivered. Their encore song was from their first album and we could tell everyone in the crowd was a huge fan of Kentucky Knife Fight. Everyone in the room was singing along with Jason and dancing to the melody. 

The trip to St. Louis to see the local bands Pretty Little Empire and Kentucky Knife Fight was worth it.

Check out the exclusive release "Something More" from Pretty Little Empire

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