Main Stage + more Last Friday at 35 Denton

Review/Photos by: Taylor Prater

It’s spring break, y’all, and if it’s not this week for you, it might as well be with the arrival (at last) of 35 Denton weekend.

Didn’t get to catch all the sets you wanted? Don’t worry, we at GoodBAMMSho can help you out with the sets we got to check out ourselves, starting Friday night.


Ready, set, fest.

What a way to start off the weekend! Sludge rockers Sleep started off my experience with the main stage with some good old-fashioned hard rock.

The droning guitars shook the stage and practically shook sweat off the band members themselves, despite the chilly evening.
But a mosh pit you will not find. Some jamming good chill vibes, though? Of course, nothing less to expect from the kings of “stoner rock.”
From there it was time to choose my schedule from the many bars and joints around the concert grounds.

So Far Safari
I’d heard some great things about So Far Safari – that they’d make me immeasurably happy, if nothing else, and with a name including the word “safari,” I was apt to believe so.
And that was right. There within Burguesa, a tiny burger shop, So Far Safari kept the good vibes flowing with their cheerful alternative pop sound, infectious smiles and bare feet.
Danny Rush and the DD’s
Danny Rush and the DD’s had a set at 10:30 at Dan’s Silverleaf, one of the most popular venues of the night, so I tried to head out ten minutes before to get inside.

Not early enough, however. People at the front of the line had to have been there for 30 minutes trying to get in. I’d forgotten capacity would be first come, first serve, so I took my place in line. It seemed others got the hint too – don’t arrive right before the set if you want in.

Luckily I made it just in time for the first song, though getting around was difficult (however a good thing). The band had the place full in anticipation and packed tightly toward the stage.

If you caught the set, you could tell why. The band’s unique sound comes from their blending of classic country with contemporary alternative sounds. 

You had your cowboy hats and your boots, but not far away were your kickin’ bass and guitar. These guys had a passion for their music not easily ignored by the crowd.
I’d learned my lesson from being late before, so it was time to drive over to Sweetwater to catch The O’s, always a must-see at any venue. But even then the line was jammed around the corner. Support local music, indeed.

As always it was worth it, even to push my way to the front to get some close-up views of that banjo swag.
It was midnight but no one was tired. More coverage from last Saturday and Sunday coming this week!

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