Benefit Set for Local Nashville Band - Luella and the Sun

Disaster begets true humanitarians! Nashvillians have proven this theory many times over the years and seem to have no issue with evoking another round of strong support!

On Saturday, June 8th, Joe McMahan - the band's guitarist, decided to leave his home studio and grab a quick lunch with Luella.  Upon return they found fire trucks everywhere blocking access to the street and were forced to park and walk.  Within seconds Joe came to the numbing realization that his house was the focus and had been badly damaged by fire.

Thanks to quick work from a neighbor and fire truck in the area not all was lost!  The home studio and home-base for the band had in fact been destroyed.  The creative space where the band had crafted much of their sound, recorded their debut 10" and spent countless hours of rehearsal is however gone. You can rebuild structure but not always the vibe and soul of a space.

Call it cheesy or whatever but I'm proud to say I grew up around the type of people who are willing to drop everything and help their neighbor, friend, co-worker or favorite band.

That said, we are proud to announce our involvement with helping organize/sponsor this benefit concert for a great local band who deserve every second of support they receive!  "After the Fire" the music still remains and will no doubt continue to quickly take Luella and the Sun to national status.
Justin Townes Earle, Altered Statesman.... these guys all said yes to playing the show for nothing without ever hesitating.  You hear about musicians having a code language all their own and understanding one another.  That's true but honestly I think this has a lot more to do with just simple respect which we can all understand.

DUGAS, Los Colognes, Webb Wilder + James Wallace and the Naked Light all equally happy to share the stage in a real show of support for Luella and the band.

A great show by great people for a group of talented individuals who dig making music as often as possible.  Even if I had nothing to do with this effort I would be first in line to check this thing out!

Tickets are available at Mercy Lounge's website or in person. Speaking of Mercy they are just one of a ton of awesome Nashville outlets that are showing full support to the band and this benefit effort. Seriously, thank you Drew and the Mercy gang!

No Country for New Nashville, East Nashville Underground, Do615 you guys are the sh*! as far as I'm concerned.  Matt, Kristyn, Amber I freaking love knowing you people!
Kim, I want you to be my manager, just let me get a rock career put together first!  Thirty Tigers is an amazing organization!

I haven't even scratched the surface of love being offered by many others like NATIVE, Grimey's, Lightning 100, The East Nashvillian - thank you for all the help and patience Lisa! Blue Moon Brewing, Leinenkugel, Midtown Printing, Cage Free Visual - Nancy and Michael you guys knocked it out of the freaking park with image and design, thank you!
Five Points Pizza - can almost smell the goodness now, thank you Tara
Revival Vineyards, The Silly Goose - thank you Roderick and Ashlee!

Jim, thank you for sharing the original press release with us about the fire and passing along our desire to help in any way possible to the band.  All Eyes Media is a great organization of true professionals!

Join us, come out for a great cause and enjoy what should be one of the best live events in Nashville for 2013, in my opinion!

Finally, Luella, Joe, Adam and John.  Thank you all so much for being open to allowing us to help give back a little bit during a time of hard decisions, complications and simple sadness.  Hang in there guys, everyone mentioned in this post is amped and ready to make it all go away for one night in a few short weeks!  We look forward to sharing it with you all!  -Mac

If you would like to donate before the show you can use the widget below or visit:

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