*repeat repeat - The High Watt [REVIEW]

Review/Photos by: Amber Davis

Beach Boys
surfer-rock meets garage rock creates Nashville’s trio -
*repeat repeat

Two of the members of the band are the founders of East Nashville Underground, <--click, something special today! which is a local music festival that happens four times a year. Leaves no doubt in our mind, Kristyn and Jared Corder know music.

[ Thanks to East Nashville Underground for helping joint organize "After the Fire" benefit with our blog, No Country for New Nashville, Do615 and Mercy Lounge!]

*repeat repeat, showed Nashville they are here to party. Their presence is a slice of confidence and strong chemistry between all three members. Before their show we talked to *repeat repeat, about their new album they have been recording for the past nine days due out later this year.

During the first song each member (obviously the drummer) had a tom beside them; which they all banged on for a solid 30 secs. Their sound was a mixture of modern garage effects and surfer tunes from the classic Beach Boys. Jared, the lead singer and guitarist, continuously used effects on the guitar with a looping pedal. Which is difficult for most musicians to master to be the “do-it-all” string instrument.
Kristyn, stood next to a floor tom and a mini - childlike - piano (sadly it was not touched during the performance). Her performance was the most shocking. Knowing her outside of the band and only from East Nashville Underground, we were struck by her talent, singing harmonies. On the topic of shocked, during one of the songs she grabbed the collar of her twee dress and screamed with rage “You walked up to me and grabbed me by my jacket,” that action immediately grabbed our attention.

Their songs are catchy, fun and overall, the performance was refreshing from the usual garage-rock local scene in Nashville.

Be sure to check out *repeat repeat's feature article in the latest edition of The East Nashvillian.  On stands now or download a copy here!

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