Polyphonic Spree: Raise Your Head & Hand Puppets!

OK, GO!  Polyphonic Spree's latest video for "Raise Your Head" takes a different kinda zany approach featuring Australian comedy two-some The Umbilical Brothers.

Debuting on NPR.org yesterday and direct off the bands latest album Yes, It's True, the single's video goes on a Rube Goldberg sequence following the hand puppet opening scene. This is not the same mouse trap non-stop cause and effect video you've seen in the past from groups like Ok Go however.

Director Alex Gabbot says that was intentional and he had "always been interested in what happens on the failed attempts at a video of [this] style."

The song offers a simple message "raise your head to the sky, you'll be free when you try" in an empowering anthemic synth/pop/theatrical vibe.

Speaking of down under, the Polyphonic crew will be kicking it live in Melbourne October 20th thru October 22nd at the Melbourne Festival. Back to Texas [Austin] for Fun Fun Fun Fest November 8th thru the 10th and then cap off 2013 with their annual Holiday Extravaganza in Dallas at Lakewood Theater on December 21st!

Take a gander at the fresh day old video below and feel free to share your best hand puppet memories of past!

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