Tim Easton - Crazy MOFO from Akron/Nashville #NotCool

Relax people, just a reference to track #7 "Crazy Mother 'effer from Shelby, Ohio" off Tim Easton's latest offering.

Tim might be crazy but we're not comfortable with calling him that to his face. He is an American singer/songwriter on Campfire Propaganda Records. Not Cool will be Tim's tenth release since his first solo 1998 debut Special 20.

A throwback cool rock vibe with plenty of folk mixed in would be our best one line description for Tim's "Not Cool" album.

The #NotCoolTour is entering into a full fall lineup with dates ranging as far south as Houston, TX all the way up to NYC. The Sept. 14th date at All Good Cafe in Dallas is certainly one worth catching and we plan on trying to cover for a live review.

Be sure to catch Tim's official showcase this year at the Americana Music Festival on Saturday, September 21st - 10pm at The Basement in Nashville.

Watch Tim's recent Music City Roots performance of "Four Queens" and go catch him live soon as you get a chance!

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