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A few months back we ran across a live music app that immediately stood out from the rest to us.

Timbre is a location-based live music discovery app that enables users to find live shows both in their area or any area they choose to search.

The minimalistic style of the infinite scrollable list of live acts and bands keep things simple for the user to find artists they love and discover artists for the first time. Radius settings expand the search capability by allowing the user to pin point a small area or increase to find concerts in larger areas.

Timbre also offers the ability to play music samples (and full tracks for Spotify Premium users) from the artists, purchase tickets and share with friends - all directly from the app, within three taps.

Not just big name live acts either.  Users will quickly realize favorite local bands are already included within their area plus new bands are being added everyday!

We caught up with the gang over at Timbre for a chat last week...

Why live music?  How did the idea for Timbre initially start?

Because we are a group of live music lovers! The idea for Timbre was originally conceived at a hackathon in Cambridge, MA that intended to ‘connect disconnected communities.’ One of the speakers was a local musician who shared his struggles in getting the word out about local shows, despite all the benefits that technology did afford him. He found it frustrating that despite having distribution for his tracks across the world, his fans didn’t know he was playing at Great Scott - his hometown venue. 

Our CTO Matt, who had the idea for Timbre, is an avid live music fan, having been to over 50 Phish shows. Inspired by the musician's speech, Matt created the first prototype of Timbre, a minimalistic app that enabled users to discover and connect with their local music community.

Timbre doesn't just cater to large acts and venues. What made you guys decide to include regional and local music scenes within the app development?

Our decision to provide equal weight to headliners and pub cover bands goes back to the first question. We truly want to foster discovery. There’s more to do in your city than you even realize (probably) and we want to help you find something you never would have known about otherwise. We play the band’s most popular songs to provide a taste of a potentially unknown band to truly let your ears guide you. If you hear something you love, great! Buy a ticket. If it’s not your favorite, you just swipe to hear a taste of the next show.

You can buy concert tickets directly from the app according to your website.  What ticket agency do you use for ticket sales?

We partner with various data partners, like SeatGeek. SeatGeek surfaces the primary ticket seller, if tickets are available (think Ticketmaster, etc), but will help you find secondary tickets if the show is sold out. And we are seeing growth of the up-and-coming ticket vendors as well, like TicketWeb, TicketFly, etc.

Any feedback from artists you've received about the app so far you'd like to share?

We’ve had great feedback! We’ve been fortunate enough to work directly with some really great bands, like Bad Rabbits, Gentlemen Hall and the Wheeler Brothers (out of Texas!) Bands write us every week to ask us about being in the app. The good news is, most bands find themselves in Timbre automatically, with no extra work. If, however, the band isn’t in Timbre we can fix that very, very easily (if they email bands@ timbreapp .com)

What updates or new developments can we look forward to from Timbre in the weeks and months to come?

Well, we just had a major update last week that introduced some significant changes, including Spotify integration that allows Spotify Premium users to hear full songs; logging in with Facebook to share your favorite shows with friends and see theirs; as well as the ability to ‘Star’ or bookmark shows you want to remember, be alerted about, or buy tickets for in the future. If you haven’t checked it out, you should - it’s still a free app for iOS and Android. 

In the future, we’ll keep building on what we’ve just done, bringing more relevant recommendations, advanced filtering and some really exciting partnerships with big names in music.

Today we're excited to announce a partnership with Timbre as our exclusive upcoming concert calendar source which will appear on the GoodBAMMSho.com front page soon! Plus Timbre gave us the honor of having our own "Featured Live Picks" section that will appear on the front page of the app at start up. (currently available on the iOS version, Andriod update coming soon!)
Go grab the FREE Timbre app today for your device!
Download on the iTunes App Store here! (iOS version)

Get the Andriod App at the Google Play Store here!

Check out an official video from Timbre showing the app in action...

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