Wild Child - Crazy Bird [REVIEW]

Austin's Wild Child is releasing their second album titled: The Runaround on Ben Kweller's label Noise Company this October 8th.

Here's a quick review of the first single Crazy Bird which Paste Magazine premiered last week on 8/29.

Kicking off with an a capella child version of the opening line to "Why Does the Sun Shine" from the 1959 Hy Zaret's album Space Songs that was later covered by They Might Be Giants in 1993. Crazy Bird swings a nice blend of jazz, folk and pop that gives it instant likable groove.

A group whistle intro melody serves as the turnarounds and anchor that drives the feel good vibe."Whisper the things we scream - HEYY!" opens the second verse featuring a vocal back and forth trade between Alexander Beggins and Kelsey Wilson.

Trumpet mini solo section hits around the 2:51 mark to add a little extra brass/class to the throwback jazz/pop sound.

Crazy Bird is a great first single for what should be a fun diverse sophomore album from Wild Child.

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