Quaker City Nighthawks at Magnolia Motor Lounge [REVIEW]

Review & Photos by: Taylor Prater

OK music lovers, it’s time to get a little bit of Southern blues rock in our systems.
Magnolia Motor Lounge played host to some of the area’s best in that genre, starting with duo Rise and Shine Saturday night.

First off, I was sold by the outfits and stage presence alone, two factors that play as much of a role in a good show as a good performance.

What a way to start off the night – these two were as powerful themselves as a six-piece group, and they had an edge as sharp as the Southern rock legends that come to mind off the bat.

Everyone was in for a pretty late night at Magnolia, but these guys made sure to start the bar high and keep the good times rollin’.

Nashville loved Luella and the Sun took the stage after a bit of a delay, but commanded attention with three-piece instrumentals banging out a trance like, soulful melody.

Then Luella stepped up in her fashionable overcoat, crafted out of the plastic that holds soda cans together, and belted out her trademark, high-pitched voice and sang her sorrows away.

Talk about the blues! We love it.

But just as well as this group could belt out the blues, they could burst out the jams too. Excitement rapidly rushed over the crowd when the drumbeat picked up fluidly at the end of a slow track, and Luella and the guys hopped and jumped and danced around stage so wildly it infected the entire bar.

Two outstanding tracks included “I Was Born Into S#!+” and “Ditch Rider,” with short, heavy guitar riffs, shakers, tambourine and Luella’s double microphones giving the vibe of being stranded along a deserted train track into the sun.


And what would a rockin’ night be without Fort Worth’s own Quaker City Night Hawks? It’s really no secret from past reviews that I really love these guys, and honestly anyone who has been to one of their shows should too.

At 12:30 a.m., QCNH started off their set with shouts toward their favorite city and trademark boogie that got everyone howling and grabbing their neighbors for some good old times.

Shows like these are what make me love what we’ve got here in Fort Worth, wouldn’t you agree?

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