Wild Child's "Runaround" Tour Stop in Dallas

Review & Photos by: Taylor Prater
Top photo courtesy of Artist

Fall is a great time for a little quirky, fun-loving folk pop, isn't it? So what better way was there to foster the warm, celebratory start to a new season than by jamming out with Wild Child and Prophets and Outlaws at The Prophet Bar.

What I will say right off the bat about these two bands is that they really have that star, "it" factor. Starting off with Prophets and Outlaws: these guys have a Southern rock flavor with a little bit of acoustic pop-rock influences. The talent really shines through vocalist James Guckenheimer, whose gruffy, low-set tone channels the great Southern rockers of the past. It's great to see the influences of yesterday really impact current music and combine in a way that gets people going.

Keyboardist Jamie Ringholm was another big standout. The dude could play like no other, and watching him scale the keys was an attention-grabbing experience in itself. There's nothing like a solid keyboard solo to really emphasize this group's sound and make them stand out above the rest.

A favorite performance of the night was easily their Halloween-inspired track, kicking off with a loud wolf howl from every band member.

And with Wild Child coming onto the stage, sans shoes but with lots of energy, it was very clear to see why these guys have boomed in popularity with their newest release (check out our Crazy Bird review [link] from earlier and the music video [below] to experience for yourself their special kind of spirit).

Group harmonies, a wild ukulele player, cellist and up-tempo beats paired with meaningful lyrics truly make this band a worthy live act. The group was even named the best indie and folk band of 2013 at Austin Music Awards during South by Southwest, plus their uniqueness is no doubt an attribute toward that.

It was nice even to see the crowd at The Prophet Bar rise from their seats to migrate toward the stage - honestly, that small gesture can really make the difference in not only the enjoyment of the show, but the band's energy, and in this case, it really provided for a fun night.

Be sure to give their new album, The Runaround, several listens and let us know what you think!

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