We Caught A Ghost and are Releasing it in Deep Ellum tonight!

Top image courtesy of Artist

Ok, it's just a really weak play on words but we did managed to grab a few quick questions with Jesse from Caught A Ghost earlier this week.

The nine piece, yes nine, group that call East LA home for the most part will be bringing the Motown/Stax/R&B vibe to Club Dada tonight (10/30).

They will be supporting LA "flamboyant folk" group He's My Brother She's My Sister who we already dig if you caught our Clearfork Fest review a few posts back.

Caught A Ghost's lead man, Jesse Nolan, talked about everything from dream mashups to his fav. Halloween tracks which is our fault for being cheesy enough to ask.

[Catch the full Caught A Ghost/Jesse Nolan interview next week!]

If the idea of crazy good electro soul originals mixed with the type of band that can lay down a really pimp slow jam, minimalistic cover of TLC's Waterfalls sounds like something you'd be into then you should not wait and buy your TICKET now!

By the way Dallas you can thank Parade of Flesh for bringing this insanely good show to Dada like they know how to do!

Listen for yourself, I'm positive this cover will make you groove no matter how hard you try to resist!

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