Atlas Genius Live at House of Blues Dallas [REVIEW]

Review & Amazing Photos by: Taylor Prater

I’ve never really seen how big Atlas Genius’ following was until checking out their show at the House of Blues, and it’s safe to say their fans are beyond passionate about the group.
But let’s start with the openers – England’s one Little Comets provided the at-home, quirky and fun-loving vibe before any notes were even played. Just check out their sweaters and you’ll see what I mean.

The best thing about Little Comets is their ability to do many different styles well. From the vibe I was getting, they could incorporate genres from reggae to jam band to straight up indie pop without a single worry.

I read before the show that they were called “kitchen sink indie,” and now I get it. These guys are one of those groups where, within the first 30 seconds, I know I’m going to go through their entire discography. And I suggest you all do too.

Second openers Family of the Year goes along with Atlas Genius in their big following. I found myself pleasantly surprised by the masses of people singing every word to their opening song, and just as easily found myself getting as excited.

The most fantastic part about this group is their ability to feed off of the crowd and extenuate songs based on feedback. Their closing song was a near-six minute jam sesh where I’m honestly surprised no one jumped off stage, or on.

Shout out to the drummer who seemed to never tire or lose enthusiasm.

Seamless harmonies and the subtle addition of female vocals with backing synthesizer really added the extra flair to set this group apart from others.

So when it was Atlas Genius’ turn to take the stage, and when the stage went black and group members ominously walked on stage, the tension was palpable and the whole venue seemed to burst with enthusiasm.

And the same energy was present whether the group played their chart-toppers or not. Regardless, it seemed those dedicated fans at the front still had that almost teen pop star loyal following/ever-present fan base which I found uplifting.

Leave it to Atlas Genius, a band on a constant rise in popularity over the last year, to hold a show that brought that lovely, “for the first time” excitement we all know and love.

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