HMBSMS Pre-Halloween Dallas [REVIEW] feat: Caught A Ghost + Song Preservation Society

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Review + Photos by: Taylor Prater

Club Dada got into the pre-Halloween spirit Oct. 30 with a spooky and festive show with headliners He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister.

Music lovers from around the metroplex gathered at the venue to hear the sweet sounds of Song Preservation Society as the day’s first opener.

A trio of acoustic guitar players joined on stage and blew everyone away with flawless, folk harmonies reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel, with a refreshing modern folk twist similar to Fleet Foxes and the like.
But just as well as this trio could sweeten your heart could they bust out some intense but well-balanced rock chords. Their ability to switch back and forth between both styles so effortlessly proved just how timeless and well-orchestrated these three are together.

For a bit of a different vibe, LA’s Caught A Ghost bursted onto the scene with some fantastic indie electro jazz that really got the place ready and raring.
It’s really quite a sight to see Cruella de Ville, the red Power Ranger and other costumed citizens getting down to some good old saxophone funk.

And there never was a dull moment - just one scan around the room showed a group of people jumping and swing dancing, couples joining in on a loud chorus or lead singer Jesse Nolan leaping on and off the rim of the stage.

We Caught An Interview with Jesse Nolan a few days before their Dallas show...

How much "Nightworks" influence will we hear in your full length release early next year?

the full length will have a bunch of songs from night works but remixed. it sounds waay better in my estimation . The new songs are pretty bangin too. (Chuckles to himself)

Stephen Edelstein and  yourself go all the way back to kindergarten.  How did the other members of Caught A Ghost come together?

Stephen and I have known each other for years, yes. Tessa I saw when I was 10 playing "Maria" in west side story at a school in Santa Monica. Brandon (keys) went to my high school. Justin (bass) sings in a band called 'paper pilots' I met him through a mutual friend. the horn players Erik, Michael and Tim are all graduates of USC and established studio guys around town who work together a fair amount.

My first reaction to seeing Lauren Brown from HMBSMS tap dance on a kick drum was "that's crazy but cool". I'm positive my second thought was how does she manage to last a full set of tap/drumming?  What was your take on her percussion twist and how stoked are you guys to be touring with another great group of musicians?

the 'he's my brother' kids are long time friends and extremely talented, so
Yes, we are thrilled to be touring with them . actually- little secret- our drummer Stephen actually helped Lauren get her tapping and drumming together. She took to it pretty fast and is now totally crushing it. I love watching them play- I expect it will make us tighter being on tour with them over the next few weeks. 

Final cheesy Halloween question.  What's your favorite Halloween/Ghostly/Horror Film inspired song or track of all time? (i.e. Ghostbusters theme song, Thriller, "chhh chhh chhh chhh - ah ah ah ah" loop/sound byte from Jason movies)

I mean, ghostbusters theme, duh... thriller obviously too . that oingo boingo jam is pretty solid too....

Check these guys out if you want to get in a classy jazz vibe with some spunky indie spirit. You won’t be disappointed.

And our headliners, loveable folkies He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister, finally made their appearance clad in some Halloween garb of their own. We had two spooky dolls in blue dresses, a male Lolita and “A Clockwork Orange’s” Alex DeLarge.

And just like at Clearfork fest, this group brought the singsong festive, at home, genuine spirit but in a way much more suited for a smaller venue like Dada. I mean these guys really exploded with the packed crowd in the venue. It’s fantastic to hear music like theirs played in such an intimate atmosphere.

If I can say anything about this group, intimate would be the best descriptor. It’s difficult not to feel comfortable yet excited with their music, like a long-known relative who always has some kind of crazy story or fun trip planned for you.

Maybe I’m not describing it well enough, but if you get the chance to catch these guys on tour, you’ll see what I mean. It really doesn’t get much more fun-friendly than HMBSMS.

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