Jessie Frye Live [REVIEW] at Club Dada

Review + Photos by: Kayla Pitcher

Denton based singer-songwriter Jessie Frye is soon to release her highly anticipated debut full-length album, Obsidian. Frye and her band have been progressively touring in support of the upcoming release, and I was lucky to catch their last show of 2013 on Saturday night at Club Dada in Dallas. Frye is an incredible talent that has been on the rise since forming her band in 2009, showcasing each year at SXSW and playing alongside well known acts including Pat Benatar, Eric Hutchinson and Joan as Police Woman.

While the 20-minute soundcheck between bands drug on a bit, they got it right and all was soon forgiven. Frye took the stage with confidence and the band opened with “Like a Light” followed by “Fortune Teller,” and my favorite song of the night “White Heat,” an incredible track ready for airplay. Immediately I was captivated by Frye’s talent as a songwriter and performer with dramatic and confident vocals projected amongst compounding electronic beats and distorted guitars. Where the crowd was sparse and lacking, the band was abundant and rapturous.

Her band was polished and professional, performing as a cohesive unit like they had been touring for a millennium. The short set left me wanting more, with the band playing just three songs after “White Heat,” “Never Been to Paris” “Prepared” and “Brave the Night.” 

I can’t quite put my finger on it but Frye and her band have a proprietary sound that is uniquely their own. If guitarist Jordan Martin was feeling “under the weather” it definitely didn’t show. The melodic sounds from his Stratocaster were a critical and integral part of the bands overall sound. Drummer Chad Ford rocked out along with bassist David Kellogg powering the backbone of the music. They laid it down smooth with edgy charisma, and Jessie Frye can certainly look forward to increasing fan support with the release of Obsidian, and as she continues making waves in the indie pop-rock genre.

My entourage and I were highly impressed with the band’s abounding sound and entertained by their energetic live performance.  I look forward to seeing them play in the future and in front of the larger crowds they warrant.

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