CHVRCHES kill at South Side Ballroom in Dallas

Review & Photos by: Taylor Prater

Following a whirlwind year of a new album and tour, CHVRCHES graced Southside Ballroom in Dallas with a mega-packed show definitely fitting of a band with indie album of the year potential.

To kick off the night, trio BASECAMP (I'm digging these all caps theme, very stylin') introduced the good vibes with some at-home, comforting folk rock from their Nasvhille roots. Their influences reach farther than some typical indie folk bands, however, and cross into territory reminding me of some chilled out jams from The Shins or a more energetic Bon Iver.

Their set ended gently and they left the stage thanking the audience ever so sweetly, and the atmosphere seemed to lighten immediately.
But not much longer would it become highly anticipatory for our trio at CHVRCHES.

Entering the stage to some ominous green lighting and smoke, the beloved group kept the intrigue going right into a loud intro of some seriously spunky synth-pop we all know and love them for.

Lead singer Lauren Mayberry charmed male and female alike with her lovely Glasgow accent and minimal yet effectively energetic bounces in the center of the stage. Iain Cook and Martin Doherty flanked her on both sides and weren't as minimal, instead opting for grandiose gestures and seriously hyping everyone up.

And their performance was, believe it or not, even better than expected! And I expected an amazing show from this band before I even entered the venue, considering their first studio album, The Bones of What You Believe, has been one of my favorites of all-time since it came out in September.

And hitting up Southside Ballroom, I'm sure the collective plays of the album between all ticket holders reached into the millions.
OK, I'm exaggerating. Maybe.
But not one moment throughout the night did the energy falter, nor did their charisma lessen. The performance on stage matched perfectly the performance we often hear through radio speakers, if not surpassed it, and in these days, you know you have some hit performers when they can remain consistent anywhere they go.
And for CHVRCHES, I can only see an upward trajectory.

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