Jessie Baylin's Return - Little Spark on Fire!

We were excited to see Jessie Baylin at Mercy Lounge, her name has been milled around Nashville ever since her third album Little Spark released. Baylin is a firecracker for the alt-country genre. She conjures up old heartache and whiskey drinking with a Stevie Nicks inspired vocals. 

The openers for Baylin was The Watson Twins. The twins are on Baylin’s new album as the backup singers, which does not surprise us to see them as her opener. Standing side by side, their presence on stage screamed confidence. Hell, they should, the twins have been in the music industry for several years in LA as backup singers for a variety of different musicians. Given their overwhelming confidence, Leigh and Chandra Watson have a perfect unison to their harmonies. I mean they are twins, isn’t that a no brainer?

Leigh and Chandra had the audience laughing at their jokes in between each song.

We write depressing songs, but there is comedy in between,” Chandra said winking at the crowd.

Which is true, their songs had hard hitting truth about their views on life, however they knew how to sweeten the blow with comedy. 

The Watson Twins left the stage and Baylin’s band was setting up in the meantime. 

Most of the audience members mingled with each other stating their discovery or their personal encounters with Baylin. We were position in the front, and looking back it was packed. But, still enough room to run back to the bar and grab that favorite poison to drink along.

Baylin walked on stage with grace. She shyly grabbed the mic and in a split second you could see her shocked reaction by the number of people in the venue. Baylin stated how surprised she was by the outcome for her show.

Baylin seems to really master her vocal style, it has that husky-femininum-retro feel. Just think of higher pitched Stevie Nicks. Which fits in for most of the alt-country/indie-folk genre. Baylin took us by surprised when she put her own style to “Little Trouble Girl,” by Sonic Youth. Throughout her performance, the music behind her was just a side component compared to her powerful lyrics. The Watson Twins helped out for those high harmonies and slick dance moves. We don’t blame them. Her music is easy to sway and just listen to. Baylin’s music is perfect for having people over for a few drinks as you flip her record over on repeat.

Read our quick chat with Jessie:

Roughly two years since your last headlining show. What made this date and Mercy Lounge feel like the right time and place to return?

Over the past year getting back on the stage felt incredibly scary to me. I wasn’t sure how i would do it, i felt like my balance was off in every possible way after having a baby. Then in late December it just felt less scary and i told my manager to book something and get tickets on sale.

Can we expect new music or an album soon?

Yes, new music soon. I have about 5 songs for something new. Whether its an EP or an LP, we shall see what comes. 

Nashville continues to attract new residents - why do you think that is?

This town has the benefits of a big city but also a small town. I love how living is easy here, nothing feels like a hassle. I don’t feel the pressure the way i did living in Los Angeles or New York. The sense of community i think is what is appealing to the many people moving into town. Hopefully they won’t mess up our vibe. ha ha.

Do you have any fav. local Nashville acts you're really diggin' right now?

I think Apache Relay and Tristen are great. They deserve some great success.

When the show was over, a good majority of people stayed to talk to Baylin. Her and her husband Kings of Leon’s drummer Nathan Followill gracefully talked to each individual till Mercy Lounge closed.

Little Spark // Love is Wasted on Lovers // Hurry Hurry // I Feel That Too // Ringer // Little Trouble Girl (Sonic Youth cover) // The Winds // Seasick // Yuma // White Noise // Storms // Holiday // Greatest Thing // Leave Your Mark

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