Badfish - A Tribute to Sublime in Dallas

Credit: Kayla Pitcher // Charlie Ackley

From Long Beach with love, Badfish packed House of Blues on Friday night. Previously nominated for “Best Tribute Band,” and with many national tours under their belt, Badfish pays respects to Sublime by continuing to bring their music to new and old fans of the epically awesome reggae/rock band that we still love to listen to.

Bringing out Sublime lovers throughout the metroplex, they delivered an awesome performance with each member, Pat Downes (Guitar, Vocals), Joel Hanks (Bass), Dorian Duffy (Keys, Guitar), and Scott Begin (Drums), killing it on stage with drawn out guitar and trombone solos that electrified the fans.

They truly bring the rock-out, rapturous spirit of Sublime, and the talented Downes captivated the audience with his enthusiasm for the music and amplified live performance. Reaction from the crowd was extremely positive as they interacted throughout the set, with each song being sang along to by the masses.

At one point a fan was allowed to come on stage and dance with the group. As the show continued the crowd became more energized and rowdy, as they should being in Texas, women’s clothing flew on stage.

Downes told an ecstatic fan to come and get her shirt and bra from the stage. She obliged, and the spectacle took flight. This was by far the most entertaining show I’ve seen in Dallas this past year.

Although I have seen Badfish perform prior to this event in Austin, this was a night to remember. I hope to see them again in the future.  So overall, great show, good vibes, familiar tunes and a great crowd.

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